Fuzzy’s Turkey Burgers


Fuzzy’s Turkey Burgers

Here is a healthier alternative to traditional beef burgers on the BGE. Although many people try to make their Turkey Burgers mimic the flavors of our familiar beef friend, we’re going to take the opposite approach. Our hope is to create an asian-inspired turkey burger that is so delicious, you simply forget about it’s rival.

Your comments, questions, and concerns are welcome…and I’d appreciate it if you would share your experience or tweaks to this recipe.

1.25 lbs of Ground Turkey
5 Tablespoons of Low Sodium Teriyaki Sauce
7 Tablespoons of Honey
McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning
Jack Daniels wood chips
2% thin sliced cheese of your choice
Flatbread Sandwich Rolls

Pairs With (Pick a few):
Pickled JalapeƱos
Hot Sauce

Suggested Side(s):
Lays Light Potato Chips


Fuzzy’s Turkey Burgers

Method Of Cooking:

Big Green Egg (other smoker, grill, or even oven will work) with cast iron grate directly on top of the fire ring. Medium amount of Natural Lump Charcoal at 350-400 degrees for about 2 /12 minutes per side (cook times will vary based on Egg temperature and preference).

Total Cook/Prep Time: 5 minutes prep time, 10 minutes for cooking (or 5 of your favorite songs)

Feeds: 2 lumberjacks (2 1/2 burgers each), 5 people (1 burger each), or 10 hipsters (50% of hipsters don’t eat meat).

You can double or triple this recipe for a party. If your party has mixed company comprising of lumberjacks, people, and hipsters…calculate at your own discretion.


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